Why host a Health Awareness Seminar?

 “Give a man a fish you have fed him for today.  Teach a man to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime.” Author unkown

With the amount of business hours spent working at a desk or driving a car your staff will suffer some form of posture related problem but may be unsure what's causing the pain.  Their solution may to be carry on regardless working ineffectively, take days off sick, pop pills or seek expensive specialist treatments.

Helen will empower your staff to assess their own posture, teach them corrective and maintenance exercises, adapting them as appropriate, and get them working as a team. Your staff will be motivated to bring posture awareness back into the office and equipped with the knowledge to work with their environment reducing the number of back complaints and sick days taken.

Helen’s approach

Helen provides an unrivalled posture and spine awareness seminar in terms of the depth and breadth of her knowledge. She starts the seminar with the enquiry:

“How often are you aware of your posture when standing or sitting?”

Once aware of how little you think about your posture Helen starts a lively exercise empowering you to assess your own posture and to decide which of the four posture types you are.  From there, drawing on her Pilates and Yoga background, Helen gives you the tools and exercises to strengthen and overcome your weaknesses.

Finally, Helen addresses the area of diet/nutrition and work/life balance.  This holistic approach leaves you questioning all areas of your life to ensure a healthy back and spine.

If you are interesting in hosting a health awareness seminar at your company please click here to contact Helen for more information.