Helen, is an experienced instructor who has been working in the health and fitness industry for over thirty years. Prior to that she ran a Sports Acrobatics club in Gloucester, having competed at international level in this sport as a teenager.

With her background in Gymnastics, yoga was a natural step. When Helen found Ashtanga Yoga it was like a home coming. She has had the privilege of practicing with the late Guruji himself, Sri K Pattabhi Jois. She has also studied with several well known masters, including David Swenson, John Scott, Mike Nevitt and Liz Lark; attending numerous workshops, retreats and teacher training courses. It has been said that Helen is a very compassionate and understanding teacher, and thus students of all ages, levels and ability are made to feel welcome in her sessions. For those requiring individual attention, her one-to-one personal training is a must - even a single session can make a huge difference to your practice and self understanding.

Helen has been doing Pilates, as a gymnast, since she was 7. Pilates was always part of her training schedule when she was competing for the Great Britain team in Sports Acrobatics. Through her many years of experience she has a wealth of knowledge and understanding and is able to adapt and modify the set exercises as much as is required. Helen's deep understanding of Pilates allows her to encourage all clients to better their posture and strengthen their deep core abdominal muscles.

Helen believes everyone can be the best that they can be with just a little help. Life coaching is a true passion of Helens' and she will work tirelessly with you to ensure that you are achieving your desired goals in a very short period of time, whether they be personal, business or health or a combination of all three.