Pilates is named after the inventor, Joseph Pilates. He developed  the original 34 exercises in the 1920's. Today these exercises are still used, with many modifications for beginners.

Pilates is all about 'Functional Fitness', being able to lift, twist and move without injuring yourself. The exercises concentrate on the internal abdominals, creating a strong girdle effect around your mid section. Whilst doing the movements you will also lengthen, tone and tighten your whole body. Pilates will bring about balance to your skeletal system, the exercises will require control and coordination of many muscles of the body.

Pilates will change the shape of your body. Just by standing with correct posture you will look and feel taller and aligned. It is a mind and body workout, a lot of concentration is required to control and move only certain muscles at a given time.

Helen has been doing Pilates, as a gymnast, since she was 7. Pilates was always part of her training schedule when she was competing for the Great Britain team in Sports Acrobatics. Through her many years of experience she has a wealth of knowledge and understanding and is able to adapt and modify the set exercises as much as is required. Helen's deep understanding of Pilates allows her to encourage all clients to better their posture and strengthen their deep core abdominal muscles.

Helen only offers Pilates on a one to one basis as she finds everyone's needs are different and only in a private session can your back and posture be correctly assessed and the most efficient exercises prescribed.

Please contact Helen to book your session.