Message received from Chris Duncan September 2014

This is just a quick note to say thank you for your help earlier this year. My back has been fine and I have completed 4 triathlons this summer including my first ever half ironman, thanks again.


Email received from Sarah Elson November 2007

When I arranged to see you nearly three weeks ago I must admit that because I had seen so many people about my back e.g. osteopaths, physiotherapists (3x17 weeks of treatment), acupuncturists, orthopaedic specialists in the last 6 years I think I can be forgiven for thinking I wonder what good this will do!
But once I had finished our 1 hour session I really had faith in you,  what's more within a few days of doing the exercises I was able to stop using the tens machine for pain relief and I am now almost 90% pain free.  I managed 2x40min car journeys pain free (remembering to engage TA as often as possible particularly when braking and changing gear), which considering I couldn't do the shortest of journey without pain is brilliant. All the referred pain in right leg has gone too. 
I am so grateful that Mr Gilhooley the osteopath who I have seen for 3 years was on holiday and that I had to see Oliver Cox instead who didn't just take my money and offer no diagnosis and no advice instead he did a thorough history and examination, diagnosed the problem and advised me to see you.  Between the two of you was the best 80.00 I have ever spent and would like to thank you sincerely.
I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.


Letter received from Rowan Tarry March 2007

I have been very fortunate to have Helen helping me in the last year to relieve me from a back problem that I almost had an operation for. The operation was to fuse the lower part of my back as my 5th vertebrae was unstable and pressing on my spinal cord causing severe pain.

Working with Helen, first weekly, then monthly and at the end of the year two monthly, she has given me a regime of exercises (which have got easier in time) to loosen my back and relieve the pain. I have religiously carried on these exercises daily and haven't had any back pain since.

I am thankful to Helen for getting me to this point, which I never thought would arrive and knowing that if I had a problem again I can always call her. I might add having strengthened my body core through these exercises my deportment and posture has improved and I now have a flat tummy!


Letter received from Vivien Thomson, 8th May 2006

When I first met Helen who came to me as a yoga teacher I'd been virtually bedridden for a year. The only place I could get relief from severe pain in my side was lying down. In addition I'd just been in hospital for a fortnight undergoing tests which in the end only produced a fairly obvious diagnosis of a rare form of Ankylosing Spondulitis and was told they could do nothing more. I should just continue exercising which had done little or nothing to help which naturally left me in a pretty depressed state.

However right from the start Helen was able to show me exercises to help my specific condition which helped me to slowly improve. In addition to the physical aspects she also had skills in dealing with my mental and psychological state of mind, all of which helped me to improve over the next 3 months. Thereby Helen was able to gradually restore my confidence that I could get back on my feet without doing myself further injury a far from easy task. In addition despite my slowness to respond she stuck with me far beyond the point at which she could add anything more. This was the aspect that eventually forced me to finally accept that either I got on my feet or I died bedridden right to the end.

In hindsight I realise that if I had only had Helen's help when I first developed the problems I would have able to cope much earlier and much better. Even after the first year if I'd been able to accept that I could do things without doing myself further injury, I would not have deteriorated as much as I did. So in the end without Helen's persistence and her continual support I would never have recovered to my present state where I'm fairly close to normal, doing without a walker and almost without a stick, playing and coaching Croquet again, learning new variations, going out to events and restaurants again. I also now believe I can improve still more over time, certainly enough to stave off the disease getting worse for a good while yet.